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Babes, Blood, Booze, and Beelzebub!!!  Watch ‘Time to Kill’ now at Vimeo-on-Demand!

Product Description

Join Sarah (Ellie Church) in her final hours as she hacks and slashes a path all the way back to her dark past! Witness the sexiest strippers this side of Hell, who will do anything to keep you satisfied! Prepare yourself for the final scene, which left audiences breathless! Co-starring Jason Hignite, Charlie Moon, Brigid Macaulay, and Kristi Komet. Available signed by director Brian K. Williams and actress Ellie Church.

“Equal parts Meyer, Wood, Wynorski, and general, beautiful bad taste!” — Justin Beahm

“Part road flick, part occult shocker, part revenge flick, all wrapped up in a mid-60’s era nudie cutie package, Time to Kill is ALL awesome!” — Thomas Gleba

71 minutes, Unrated (intended for mature audiences only)