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Plank Face


Scott Schirmer studied film theory, video production and screen writing at Indiana University, where he received a scholarship for his achievements in video art and a university grant to produce short films. Scott’s first feature was the coming-of-age horror film Found, winner of 15 best picture awards at over 40 film festivals around the world, including Elvira’s Horror Hunt, The International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival in Phoenix, The New York City Horror Film Festival, A Night of Horror International Film Festival in Sydney, and the Terror Molins Festival in Molins de Rei.

After Found received worldwide distribution in 2013, Scott co-produced the Found spin-off and cult horror hit Headless, winner of best picture awards at the 2015 Feratum Film Festival and the 2015 Housecore Horror Film Festival. In 2015, he also produced and edited The Legend of Wasco for Viva Pictures. In 2016, he returned to directing with the mysterious erotic thriller Harvest Lake, winner of multiple awards at the Fright Night Theatre Film Festival in Hamilton, Ontario. Plank Face is Scott’s third feature directorial effort.


Brian K WilliamsBrian K. Williams has spent over twenty years independently studying photography and music. He is also a writer and a storyteller, his writing having appeared in various publications, album covers, and advertisements. Brian’s love of all these pursuits led him to picking up a video camera in 2013 and diving head first into the world of independent cinema. He immediately began producing material, starting with short films and music videos. Then he tackled his first feature film, the crowd pleasing love letter to fans of sexploitation, Time To Kill, which was released in March 2014. The film played all over the world, becoming an underground and genre convention hit. Brian has since collaborated with several filmmakers on different projects, including work as director of photography on The Legend of Wasco for Viva Pictures. He even spent some time in front of the camera in the films Run and Headless. In short time, Brian has made a name for himself in the indie film community and has come to be known for his visually exciting cinematography and aggressive editing style. Brian resides in Bloomington, Indiana, with his wife and son, where he operates the newly formed Bandit Motion Pictures along with Scott Schirmer. Their first co-production was Harvest Lake, which Brian also shot and edited.

The Cast

3F4B8039Nathan Barrett as Plank Face

Headlining the cast of ‘Plank Face’ is Vancouver born and raised actor Nathan Barrett. Nathan has performed in 20 theatre pieces since he was released from the National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal in 2010. On television, he has appeared in ‘Dark Angel,’ ‘Copper,’ and has most recently landed a recurring role on the CW series ‘iZombie.’ ‘Plank Face’ marks his first starring role in a feature film. He is currently touring Western Canada playing trumpet with the vaudevillian jazz-gypsy-circus group Blackberry Wood.

Martin, Susan CAMSusan M. Martin as Granny

Susan M. Martin stars in ‘Plank Face’ after working in independent film for over ten years and on the stage for nearly forty. Among her most notable stage roles are Eleanor from ‘The Lion in Winter’ and Marie Antoinette in ‘French Grey.’ In independent film she has appeared in the ‘Antibodies’ segment of the ‘Psycho Street’ anthology and in Sean T. Hyde’s ‘Withered.’ She is also executive producer, co-creator, and co-star of the upcoming short film ‘Willow Falls.’ In her own words: “Mostly I just want to make films, ride horses, and howl at the moon.”

13479664_10209081115005855_1009469449_nBrigid Macaulay as The Bride

Brigid Macaulay began performing (singing) as a teenager with Horny Goatweed, a central Ohio rock band in the mid-to-late ’90s. She hit the indie horror scene in the late 2000s and has been a prolific actress ever since. Known for her ability to scream and give 150% on set, Brigid has excelled at physically demanding roles. She can be seen in the ‘Lewis’ and ‘Antibodies’ segments of the ‘Psycho Street’ anthology. She has also appeared in ‘Crestfallen,’ ‘Found,’ ‘Time to Kill,’ ‘All Sinner’s Night,’ ‘Headless,’ ‘Mania,’ ‘Progeny,’ ‘Pitfire of Hell,’ ‘Frankenstein Created Bikers,’ and the upcoming films ‘Bellytimber’ and ‘Forced Entry.’ Brigid was also selected as NerdRemix’s Horror Hottie of the Month in February 2012.

13479841_1619232975055504_1900118858_nAlyss Winkler as Bunny Girl

Alyss Winkler was born in beautiful northern Indiana was raised on horror by her mother. Though starting out rather terrified of it, as she grew older it became a larger part of her life. Alyss started out acting/performing as a young child in various plays and musicals. ‘Plank Face’ marks her screen debut.

Jason Hignite as Old Daddy

Jason Hignite has been in over 40 stage productions with roles in everything from passion plays to Shakespeare to Rocky Horror. Over the years, he has been recognized by the Encore Association for his performances with multiple nominations for Best Lead Actor, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Male Vocal. In 2007, Jason made his directorial debut (theater) with the naughty 60s comedy ‘Boeing Boeing’. In 2008 he directed Steven Dietz’s ‘Dracula’ on a stage built within a local haunted attraction. On film he has appeared in ‘W the Movie,’ ‘Maneater,’ ‘Psycho Street,’ ‘Time to Kill,’ ‘Mania,’ ‘The Devil Dogs of Kilo Company,’ ‘Frankenstein Created Bikers,’ and ‘Pitfire of Hell.’ Behind the camera, he has worked on ‘Lethal Obsession’ (director), ‘Progeny’ (producer), ‘Psycho Street’ (associate producer), and ‘Crestfallen’ (production manager).

13479341_871485766288754_41986659_nEllie Church as Stacey

Ellie Church is a film actress from Bloomington, Indiana. With a life-long love of comedy and horror, these are naturally the categories that comprise her resume. Some of her most recent and notable roles include Jennifer in ‘Harvest Lake,’ Betsy in ‘Headless,’ and Candy in ‘Frankenstein Created Bikers.’


A Bandit Motion Pictures Production
Directed & Edited by Scott Schirmer
Photographed & Scored by Brian K. Williams
Written & Produced by Scott Schirmer & Brian K. Williams

Nathan Barrett as Plank Face / Max
Susan M. Martin as Granny
Brigid Macaulay as The Bride
Alyss Winkler as Bunny Girl
Jason Hignite as Old Daddy
Ellie Church as Stacey
Dave Parker as Rex
Brian Papandrea as Charlie
Lexi Thompson as Sara
Evan Lahee as Phil
Caleb Giles as The Other Man

Associate Producers  Ellie Church, David E.W. Pruett, Branden Yates
Executive Producers  Dr L.K. Gonzo, Jeremiah Shaffer, Aaron Zhe

Special Effects by David E.W. Pruett
Wardrobe, Hair, and Makeup  Ellie Church
‘Plank Face’ Mask Designed & Created by James Dunn
Sound  Tom Roosa
Props Fabrication  David E.W. Pruett, Ellie Church, Richard Ramsey

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