‘Plank Face’ Trailer Kicks Off Indiegogo Pre-Order Campaign; World Premiere Screening Announced!

Bandit Motion Pictures has released the trailer for their new movie, Plank Face, just in time to launch the film’s Indiegogo pre-order campaign and a world premiere screening announcement. The film will kick off its festival and special screenings run at the Gateway Film Center in Columbus, Ohio, on Saturday, August 27th, with several members of the cast and crew in attendance.

The film’s Indiegogo campaign runs through July 27th. Contributors can reserve a copy of the feature-packed Limited Edition DVD, shipping in September. “There are only 1,000 of these,” says producer and Bandit partner Brian K. Williams. “When they’re gone, they’re gone. There won’t be any other hard format release of Plank Face for at least a year because we want to focus on festival screenings and international sales during that time.” The campaign also features a set of Plank Face trading cards, a campaign-exclusive T-shirt, a limited VHS release from Vultra Video, and the chance to have your name included in the ‘special thanks’ section of the movie’s end credits and on IMDb.

Plank Face is about a man who is captured by a feral, wood-dwelling family of cannibals who want to make him part of their tribe. “It deals with our primal nature,” says director Scott Schirmer (Found). “The characters in Plank Face live like wild animals, but they’re also very free. So the prospect of joining them is both enticing and a little terrifying.” The film stars Nathan Barrett, Susan M. Martin, Brigid Macaulay, Alyss Winkler, Jason Hignite, and Ellie Church.

Check out the Indiegogo campaign at: https://igg.me/at/plankface

View the trailer at: https://vimeo.com/171890685

Reserve tickets for the world premiere at: http://gatewayfilmcenter.org/

And for more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/plankfacemovie/ and http://banditmotionpictures.com/.

‘Plank Face’ Trailer & Pre-Order Campaign Coming June 27th!

Plank Face

Bandit Motion Pictures has announced the title of their latest movie: Plank Face! More information will be revealed on Monday, June 27th, when Bandit releases the trailer and launches the pre-order campaign for the movie, which was shot in May and has a planned release of late summer or early fall. In the meantime, you can help Bandit’s announcement efforts by joining their Thunderclap campaign!

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